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RPG Battle Royale [entries|friends|calendar]
The RPG Battle Royale.

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Ryutaro Sasaki's Version Cont... [24 Feb 2005|10:39pm]

Ryutaro Sasaki could barely see anything. It was pitch black outside and the island seemed to not have any electricity. He didn’t want to leave the school building he had to stay and wait for Rei and Arata but Kitano warned them not to stay around the building otherwise they would be shot. He also didn’t want to be attacked by one of his classmates though the thought of one of his classmates attacking someone was absurd to him. But just to be safe Ryutaro decided to start walking. Maybe not too far he thought, but far enough so that he wouldn’t be spotted. “Ha” he thought to himself “Me not being spotted I am the tallest person on this island.” Nevertheless Ryutaro swung the duffle bag over his shoulder and headed towards the dense bushes. He sat down opened up the duffle bag and found a flashlight. He turned the flashlight on but only inside his bag. He didn’t want to attract any unwanted company. Inside the bag he found some food and water a map and what appeared to be his random weapon, an ice pick.

He was sitting there wondering if he was ever going to use the ice pick when he noticed the next student coming out from the school building. He couldn’t see her too well, but he was sure it was Female student number 18 which he didn’t know her name. Didn’t care to. No one even talked to him except for Rei and Arata who he was wishing were the ones stepping out of the building instead. Female Student Number 18 immediately opened her bag the minute she stepped foot onto the grass. Ryutaro was watching her carefully. She then appeared to be holding something in her hand. He couldn’t see it too well, but then with a shake of her hand he caught a glimmer of it. It was handgun. Female Student Number 18 was apparently getting ready to shoot the next student that walked threw that door. “What the fuck?!” Ryutaro thought to himself. He had to control himself from not accidentally saying it out loud. The only thing he knew was that he didn’t want any innocent lives being killed. He couldn’t just sit there and watch her slaughter someone.

He had to do something. He had to draw her attention away from the building and onto him. But how could he do that without being killed himself? A rock was lying by his foot. He had a very strong arm and good aim. He decided he was going to try and knock Female 18 unconscious. He felt bad for even thinking of this, but he had to stop her. He grabbed the rock from the ground and threw it with his entire mite at Female 18. Unfortunately it didn’t hit her. He just missed her and hit side of the school building instead. “FUCK!” Not only did he not hit her but now he was noticed as well. Female 18 wasted no time she aimed her gun in Ryutaro’s direction and fired. Ryutaro had no time to think or wait for Rei and Arata anymore he had to get the hell out of there. He ran as fast as he could. Female 18 decided to give up on the school building and to start chasing whoever threw the rock at her instead. Ryutaro ran for what felt like forever all the time hearing in the background gun shots and sticks and leaves being ran threw and then finally a loud thump. Ryutaro didn’t look back he just kept running. Female 18 on the other hand tripped over a tree stump and fell face first onto the wet earth. She appered to be unconscious now. Ryutaro was lucky at beating death and saving others lives this time, but will he be so lucky again?
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[14 Feb 2005|09:54pm]

Umm. Hi. I was just wondering what happened to the RP. I was interested, but all the Battle Royale RPG's I've found have slowly ceased to exist.
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[15 Jan 2005|11:38pm]

Daishi Yuri (male student #18) Stood frozen in place. He could not believe his eyes. What he had just seen was the lovely mysterious Aya killed right before his eyes. He was beyond pissed. Chisaki Mai (Female student #17) was gonna pay for that. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen. Not only Aya killed, but someone was actually playing the game. This set everything in reality for him and also sent him over the deep end. He quickly followed behind Chisaki pulling out his jack knife as he went. He caught her easily and made a slash at her throat with the knife. He didn’t actually expect to win, but he wasn’t gonna let a murderer wonder around the island and have a chance at killing some of his friends.
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[10 Jan 2005|11:38am]

Jun felt sick to her stomach. 2 people had already died. maybe more. She knew there had to be some way out of this. She was not a killer. Not that she could do much with her weapon anyways, she thought as she held the binoculars in her hand. She hated the government for this. She had stayed near the school until the area had been announced forbidden. She had figured everyone would get as far away as possible. Now she wasn't sure where she was. She sat by a tree trying to gather her thoughts. Was there anyone she could find that she could trust? She didn't really have any enemies at school, but she didn't really have any close friends either. She regretted not being more involved. Now she didn't know who she could trust. She decided that it might be a safe idea to get further away from the school as she was just barely out of the forbidden zone. Jun, as she walked ahead spotted something up ahead. Her binoculars must be good for something she thought. She pulled them out and looked up ahead. It was a barn! Should she check it out? It might be the ideal place to hide. She was sure everyone else was far away from here by now...... She proceeded to the barn.....
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[10 Jan 2005|03:35am]

Name: Daishi Yuri
Student Number: 18
Birthdate: January 23
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Jet black
Eye Color: Emerald green
Height: 5 foot 8
Weight: 120
Personality: Quiet unless he is only around his group of friends. He loves to make people laugh and is all around a nice guy, he does however have a tendency to go over the deep end.
Other: He has always had a secret crush on Aya. He found her very intriguing because she was just so mysterious.
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Kishi's version cont... [09 Jan 2005|08:34pm]

Kishi didn’t care anymore. He was getting as far away from the school as he could. But he decided to head south instead of north. He was sure that most students would run forward instead of turning around to run the other way. Right now he didn’t know what to do, but he knew well enough that he didn’t want to run into anyone from his class except for Asa and chances of him meeting her before anyone else was slim. Kishi ran while trying not to trip by holding on to his large duffle bag around his back. The big green bag was almost as heavy as him. As he ran thoughts of Asa ran threw his mind. “Asa will be okay. As long as she’s with Yoko and far away from Ryutaro; Asa should be fine.”

After running for sometime Kishi needed to catch his breath. He laid the duffle bag on the cold wet ground and leaned up against a large building. Kishi didn’t notice it while he was running, but apparently he ran to what appeared to look like some kind of farm. His back was actually against an old barn. “Perfect hiding place for the time being.” Gasped Kishi. He took out his map from inside the duffle bag and also the flash light that was given. It was very dark outside. Kishi looked down at the map to see what zone he was in. If he was going to win this game he had to be sure he wasn’t going to be in a forbidden zone once that sicko Kitano announced them. “Okay okay where am I…hmmm…I’m by a barn. I ran south so I should be…what the…I’m only in zone H7! That’s only one zone down from the school. Damn I’m a slow runner.” Kishi didn’t know what to do. He was sure since he was the smallest kid in the class that he would at least then be a fast runner, but apparently not. “I’m doomed.” He didn’t know what he was going to do now. He didn’t really want to play the game. He was sure he could just run away from everyone. “I might at well see what weapon I have.” He reached his hand in the duffle bag. His hand felt something cold. He gripped onto it pulled it out and was stunned to see what he was so lucky to receive. A colt 45. pistol.

“I may not be out of the game so quickly after all.”
their own friend.

[26 Dec 2004|04:25pm]

Chisaki Mai (student #17) had just seen her best friend Yoko Takanaki abducted by the dark lord Darth Vader, and her other best friend Riceronie deleted from existance because she was an animorphe. Chisaki reached into her small canvas bag and pulled out a machete. She realized her victim would have to be at close range to inflict a mortal wound.

Chisaki looked across the horizon for a place to contemplate her plan of attack when she suddenly saw her arch-enemy Aya Mitsukai (#11) near the edge of a cliff throwing away her knapsack. Aya Mitsukai was ugly and stupid and in an attempt to rid the world of dumb people, Chisaki decided Aya must be the first to go.

Chisaki brandished her machete lovingly, realizing that her dream of killing Aya had finally become a reality. She couldn't decide whether it was Aya's face that looked like a butt or Aya's scorn for her friend Riceronie that annoyed her so. In the end though, psycopaths don't need logic and Chisaki decided to approach Aya from behind and slash out her eyes. Chisaki could see Aya was alert for signs of danger, and saw the glimmer of what appeared to be a gun in her hand. Chisaki however, was born into a long line of kamikaze ninja's and was not scared of death in this mortal world.

Aya was apparently mumbling some crap about how this game would bring out the worst in people. Riiiight. Chisaki took out her headphones that she had somehow managed to stash away and flipped on her favorite song, just loud enough to provide some decent theme music but also low enough so Aya wouldn't know what hit her. "Damn, Japan is cool" Chisaki thought to herself. She reached deeper into her knapsack, pulled out a piece of gum, and put it in her mouth. The sweet jolt of sugar sent a much needed rush to her head. She took a firm grasp on the rusted handle of her machete and started to walk towards Aya.

Within seconds Chisaki had wrapped her machete around Aya's face. With one swift backwards movement she brought the blade gliding smoothly across Aya's dilated eyes. Chisaki realized with amusement that she had a fondness for the smell of bubblegum and blood. Murder had never felt so good.

Chisaki watched with facination as Aya cradled her bloodied face in her crimson hands. She doubled over and fell to the ground, undoubtedly looking up into an invisible sky with her now useless eyes. It pleased Chisaki that she was still alive after the trauma. She watched as Aya struggled desperatley for air, reaching out in front of herself with gropping hands, feeling the air just as the blind feel bumps in the sidewalk.

Chisaki knelt down next to her blood splattered classmate and removed her headphones. The music was now more audible then before, the words falling out into the night like a deluge of tears. Chisaki was annoyed to find her bubblegum had lost it's flavor.

Chisaki looked at Aya with a mixture of horror and pride when she realized that she had felt no remorse for what she had done. Aya's chest was still rising and falling in an odd tempo, as if in a silent waltz with death, back and forth, back and forth. Chisaki knew it was time to go. She began to put her headphones back on, but as a snide afterthought took them off and placed them snuggly on Aya's own head and turned up the volume. Chisaki smiled silently to herself and took out the gum from her mouth. "Waste not, want not, right?" She broke the night's silence with laughter as she dropped it quickly into Aya's mouth and watched as Aya momentarily choked on the bittersweet candy.

She brushed off her skirt, turned her back sharply and retreated off into the security of darkness, silently singing the words now being hammered into Aya's brain via the headphones...

Skin against skin, blood and bone
You're all by yourself but you're not alone
You wanted in now you're here
Driven by hate consumed by fear...

Let the bodies hit the floor
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[25 Dec 2004|10:08pm]

Yoko Takanaki (student #??? yes, she forgot her number already...) left the building with her knapsack. Her knapsack did not contain her Hello Kitty keychains, her Led Zeppelin cd, or her siamese cat. Alas, life was now not worth living. She took out her standard issue narcotics and was about to overdose herself to death when all of a sudden the night sky parted and a bright vision formed in the clouds. She put down her bottle of assorted pills and watched as a green light beam surrounded her and her stupid knapsack. Finally... the aliens had come to take her home.

"Darth Vader... is that you?"
"Yes, Yoko, I too am your father."
"And Luke..."
"Yes Yoko, he is your..."
"Oh, heck yes!"

Yoko's eyes brimmed with tears of joy, for her fate was not to perish on this desolate island with cute japanese boys or violent slutty girls... it was too be part of "the force." Yoko was teleported that night out of Japan and into the StarShip Enterprise.

Wicked awesome. Yoko got abducted by aliens.

Student #(???), missing in action.
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Aya's vision [25 Dec 2004|06:24pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Aya Mitsukai (Female Student Number 11) The sky had begun to get lighter and Aya still had not stopped running. She was determined to reach the north shore before she rested. She knew by now all the students had been let out of the school and the game really had begun…for her at least. She knew she couldn’t trust anyone and even if she and everyone else refused to play the game, they would never trust her. Her options were limited, only thing she was thinking about doing right now was getting away from everyone so she could figure out a better plan.

She was getting very tired now and she could feel herself slowing down a great deal. She looked at her watch and it read four thirty. She had been on for about 4 hours now and she was relieved when she finally reached the edge of the cliff. She couldn’t see beyond it, but she could hear the ocean and so she knew she was at the north end of the island now. She walked back from the edge about 10 feet and plopped down on the ground and laid back looking up at the sky. She was really tired by now, but she was so scared about this whole thing she didn’t dare sleep. So instead she started thinking of what she should do.

She looked over at the two bags next to her and opened up the green bag she had been given. She felt around for the flash light and used it for a minute while she looked around inside the green bag. Inside she had found a shotgun along with food and water inside. “A shotgun…great…” She said dully as she turned off the flashlight and placed it back in the green bag. She then grabbed her school bag and opened it. The contents were exactly what she had packed before she left thinking she was going on the school trip. She pulled out some of the clothes in the bag and refolded them before she placed the in the green bag. “No point in having two bags.” She finished moving all her clothes to the green bag and then started removing the other things from it. She pulled out three books and looked down at the covers of them. She couldn’t see the book covers in the dark, but she knew what they were. One had Japanese writing across the top, and the other two were written in English. She placed these two in the bag and then continued moving things into the green bag until everything was now in the green bag and the school bag was empty.

Aya stood up and walked over to the edge and threw the empty school bag off of it and stood there staring out at the dark ocean debating with herself whether or not to just throw the shotgun off the cliff as well. As she stood looking over the water her expression stayed the same, confused and scared…but she was alert listening for anyone that might be approaching. “This game…it is going to bring out the worst in people.” She said.

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ANOTHER UPADATE PLEASE READ!!! [14 Dec 2004|07:50am]

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UPDATE!!! [14 Dec 2004|07:24am]


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Kioko.... [14 Dec 2004|05:40am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Kioko was in shock from what just happened. Naoto had just been shot, right in front of her! She now had his blood and pieces of his brains all over her face and clothes. She looked up at Yoshio, who also had it on his face. He was wiping his cheeks with his sleeves, trying in vain to get it all off, but only smearing it. He had a startled expression on his face.

Kioko began to cry. The tears steaming down her face made the blood unable to dry. She sat up and stared down at Naoto’s body. He was so athletic, and so lively…now his blood was all over her!

She listened as the students were being called. She was close to the end, as eleven was chosen first. She watched each and every student go out the door. Although she watched them, it’s almost as if she didn’t see them. She was so busy with her own thoughts, her fears. Everything. Suddenly-

“Female student number 7, Kioko Hana!” A harsh voice pierced through her thoughts like shards of glass. Slowly she began to get up. Suddenly she felt someone pull at her arm. “Wait for me near the entrance.” Yoshio whispered. She nodded, and was on her way.

A green bag was thrown coldly at her. She ran outside, without even realizing she was running. She decided to wait for Mikoto and Yoshio near the door. As she approached the door, she looked out, and noticed there was moonlight shining down on the ground. It was such a beautiful evening!

Suddenly, a thought occurred to her as she stepped outside. She was near the end of the list to be called. What if there was someone out there killing everyone as they walked outside? It was too late for her to run back inside and wait. She got up against the wall, looking for any signs of anything threatening. She was very self aware, and felt as if she stood out in the night like a sore thumb. She felt as if everyone could see her, and as though she were being watched. That was silly though. The only light was the moonlight, and she was hidden in the shadow of the building. Although she was doing her best to be quiet, the sound of her breathing would surely give her away! Was she really breathing as loud as she thought she was? Or was it her paranoia? She had to get these thoughts out of her head right now.

Finally she heard someone stir from inside the building. It was male student number 8, Hatori Tanaka. His thin silhouette was sneaking in almost complete silence once he stepped outside. She was watching him carefully, hoping he didn’t notice her.

As Hatori walked quietly along, Kioko noticed something stirring from the bushes to his side. Before she could think about it, Male student number 13 Yoji Kitamura jumped out from behind them and pounced on Hatori! All Kioko could make out were two blurry shadows struggling. She was at a loss for what to do. Should she try and split them up? She didn’t know. All she could do was hide. She felt like such a coward, crouching in the shadows.

Finally she heard one of them cry out in pain. She couldn’t quite make out who it was, but one of them was standing over the other one, in clear victory. She must have made some sort of noise, because the victor suddenly became very paranoid and ran away. When she felt certain he was gone, she emerged from the shadow, and ran over to the body lying on the ground. She gazed at it, and saw that it was Hatori. Was he dead? He didn’t look like he was. He looked like he was sleeping. She put her hand on his neck to feel his pulse, and could make out a faint heartbeat. He was alive!

She saw that he had a deep knife wound in his stomach. This wasn’t good. She thought to herself about a way to get him out of this area, but before she could college her thoughts, she heard another rustling from the bushes, she looked up just in time to see Yoji spring from his hiding spot, with a dagger in his hand. She had no time to react, by the time she realized what was happening, Yoji was on the ground. The only thing she thought to do when she saw him coming was to crouch with her hands over her head. When a few seconds had gone by, she peeked up, and saw that Yoshio had intercepted, and managed to shove Yoji to the ground, and knock him unconscious.

“What…happened?” Was all she could get out, but Yoshio ignored the question, and took Kioko’s arm. “Wait!…I have to wait for Makoto!”

“Okay, fine.” He said. He looked down at Hatori, and the blood gushing from his stomach. “He’s not looking good.” He reached down to take his pulse, “He’s dead….”

She looked down at his face. She felt so guilty, because she didn’t do anything to help him. Did he die because of her? What could she have done? How was she to know who was to be trusted?…None of these questions made her feel any better.

Yoshio must have been able to tell how she felt, because he just put his hand on her shoulder. “There’s nothing you could have done.” He said gently.

Finally, they heard Makoto come out of the building. She still seemed very strange. She eyed them very cautiously…Yoshio didn’t seem to notice though, because as soon as he saw her, said, “Come on! We’ve got to go now!”

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Aya's vision [13 Dec 2004|10:13pm]

[ mood | scared ]

Aya Mitsukai (Female Student Number 11) got up shortly after Kishi. She didn’t even give the class a second glance as she left the classroom and headed down the hall towards the entrance of the school. She kept her walk at her normal pace to try and hide that she was scared. Her face even more emotionless then usual. It didn’t occur to her that this might actually scare people. She was concentrating on not showing the fear she felt. As soon as she saw the door of the school she took off at a run no longer holding back the emotion from her face. A single tear rolled down her face, something which had not happened since her parent’s death, but she wouldnt let more then that one. ‘So this is real…and it really has begun…I won’t ever see my parents again...”

She ran right out the door at top speed, which thanks to all her Karate training and what not, was pretty fast. It was still dark outside and as she looked at her watch while running she say that it was only a little after mid night. She headed north, she had only glanced at the map for a split second, but by the looks of it if she headed north she would be as far as possible from the school….as well as from everyone else. Her destination was the cliffs, which was shown on the map, but for all she knew she could have been heading a little too far west, and end up somewhere else.

She didn’t even look behind her. She held tight to her green bag and her school bag which she brought with her. She knew there was a weapon inside the green bag, but as far as she was concerned the weapon would never be used.

While she continued running she knew more of the students had been let out into the game by now and if she was too stop running she would risk getting caught by one…’Can I trust any of them?’ Was the only question that went through her head. She shook her head a little. ‘No...’ She could feel herself growing tired, yet she kept on running not looking at the map or the watch, or behind her and no matter how tired she grew she just kept on running in the direction she was going.

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Ryutaro's Version Cont... [12 Dec 2004|11:54pm]

Ryutaro Sasaki (male student number 17) had already witnessed twelve of his classmates leave. Now it was his turn. Ryutaro didn’t want to leave. Not really because of the game, but because he didn’t want to leave both Rei and Arata.
Arata was male student number 3 and Rei was female student number 8 which meant it would be a while until she was to start the “game.”

Yet, Ryutaro had no choice he had to leave his two friends. He wouldn’t leave though until he made sure he told Rei and Arata where to meet him. With one last good bye Ryutaro stood up walked over to claim his bag and headed out into the cold eerie island…
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Misaki's Version Cont.... [12 Dec 2004|04:16pm]

Misaki was shacking all over once she noticed what had just taken place. Naoto Ozawa’s (male student number7) body twitched for a little while and then laid still as blood oozed from his head. Kioko Hana (female student number 7) was lying in the lap of Yoshio Ohki (male student number 10) now covered with Naoto’s blood.

Finally it came time for the numbers to be drawn. No one spoke. Everyone’s eyes were either on Kitano or Naoto’s body. Misaki herself couldn’t help but stare at Naoto. This poor boy: the pitcher for the schools baseball team. One who always got the girls. Now here he was dead. And poor Kioko the blood on her face would have already dried by now, if it weren’t for the tears that rain down her face.

“Male student number 11.” Was announced. Shivers came down Misaki’s spine once she heard the first student called. Yet, also a sign of relief came to her. Since number 11 was called, Misaki which is number 20, will not be the last one called. Makoto Lee (female student number 10) and Yoshio Ohki (male student number 10) will be the last to leave now.

Misaki watched as Kishi got up, was given a big green bag, and ran out the door. Shortly after Aya Mitsukai walked slowly over grabbed her own green bag. Not one sign of emotion was giving off from her face. Misaki was taken back from this. “Is Aya going to play the game?” thought Misaki.

The list went down. Each student got up and left the room. Ryutaro Sasaki (male student number 17) was called. He appeared to be very upset that he was leaving his friends. Students 18 were soon called. Then came 19. Kyoichi Kanai (male student number 19) ran out of the door as fast as he could. Then female student number 19 was called, Ami Tama, Misaki’s sister. Misaki watched as her sisters got up very slowly. She looked terrified. Her whole body was shaking. When the bag was thrown to her, she dropped it, picked it back up and ran out the door.

Now it was soon Misaki’s turn to leave. Male Student Number 20; Ryoko Ogawa was called. He got up, got his stuff, and ran. Finally it was Misaki’s turn to do the same. She slipped out from behind the student desk. Her tall slender body felt weak as she walked over to the solider who was handing out the bag. She turned around to get one last look at her fellow classmates. Grabbed her bag and left threw the dark hallway out of the building. “What am I going to do?” Misaki wondered as she walked into the game of life…
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[10 Dec 2004|06:46pm]

Aya Mitsukai (Female Student Number 11) sat in the back of the class room quietly. Her eyes shot around but they were seemingly calm. She didn’t know what was going on, but she figured there was no point in worrying about something she was sure someone would explain. And they had. She didn’t quiet understand what was going on, but the more he explained the less she liked her new situation. After the rules had been explained and she heard the humming from Naoto Ozawa (male student number 7) and she didn’t even have to blink as Kitano shot and killed him. She was back far enough however to miss being splattered with all the blood.

When the students had started running around and the soldiers started shooting. A new look that she had never shown since coming to the school came across her face, Fear. And even though she didn’t take part in the running around she was scared. The students settled down and she did her best to go back to her usual expression she wore, which wasn’t sadness, but not happiness either.

Aya couldn’t help but hold her breath as she watched Kitano drew the number. When the number 11 was announced Aya’s heart skipped a beat. Her number had been called…well her number and Kishi Yoshii’s number. She however kept her expression the same and she sat back with her arms crossed. If Kishi was first, then that meant that she would be after him…only a short wait, then the terror for her will really begin.

As she sat there she could feel her heart beating, and though on the outside she seemed to be a bit indifferent about the entire situation, on the inside she was scared. She could feel herself begin to get nervous. First she got a turning stomach and then she could feel her adrenaline pumping. She took a few quiet deep breaths to calm her down, though it didn’t work it kept her from looking scared. She shot a glanced over at Kishi out of the corner of her eye, because she couldn’t help but be curious as to what his reaction would be.
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Aya Mitsukai Profile [10 Dec 2004|06:43pm]

Name: Aya Mitsukai (mitsukai meaning Angel)
Student Number: 11
Birthdate: January 1
Sex: Female
Hair Color: Brown, with blonde highlights
Eye Color: Baby blue
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 115 lbs.
Personality: Quiet and reserved. She doesn’t smile much and probably creeps many people out, thought if they got to know her they would know she was a pretty nice girl. She doesn’t spend time on make-up feeling it is a waste of time, yet she seems to have a natural prettiness to her. She loves taekwondo and Karate and Kendo. After Transferring into the class, she never really spoke and never attempted to make friends.
Other: She tranffered into the class after moving with her parents to Japan from the United States(what a mistake huh?). She knows Japanese really fluently although she doesn’t talk much.

Your Choosen Weapon by Librarygeek77
Your Weapon.Shotgun.
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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Kishi's version cont.... [09 Nov 2004|03:28pm]

The eyes of all the students widen the minute the door came flying open. A short stubby man walked into the classroom followed by four soldiers. Kishi’s first initial thought was, “What kind of show is this?” Then he noticed the four soldiers carrying guns. The guns didn’t frighten Kishi. He was use to them. His father collected all sorts of guns and a few times Kishi had been face first at gun point plenty of times by the druggies he would deliver the drugs to for his father. But the thing that frightened and sickened him to an extent was the way the short little man held his own gun almost in a way of being aroused by it.
“I’m Kinpatsu Kitano your new instructor.” The little man spoke, “I do hope you all slept well. I would so hate for any of you to be tired. It would be terrible if you couldn’t keep up with the game.”
“What game?!” Kimi Kita (female student number 1) demanded.
“Ah my dear class president Kimi Kita thank you for asking.”

The rules of the game were soon explained. Kishi Yoshii the whole time being explained what lay before him and the rest of the class made him feel sick to his stomach. By looking around the room he could see tears balling up inside a few of the classmates eyes. He then noticed Naoto Ozawa (male student number 7) who couldn’t notice Naoto? Naoto had his arms around his legs and rested his head on his knees rocking back and forth on the floor. He hummed loudly to himself, “HMMMM HMMMM Hush my child HMMMM HMMMM You’ll be fine.” Kitano’s face went from big evil smile to a big evil frown, “NO HUMMING WHILE THE INSTRUCTOR IS SPEAKING!” Shouted Kitano as he raised his pistol and fired straight at Naoto’s head. The bullet struck Naoto’s left eye. The back half of Naoto’s head was torn splattering blood and flesh on a few students, including Kioko Hana (female student number 7) and Yoshio Ohki (male student number 10) that were behind him. The students started screaming in terror. Running around like chickens that just lost their heads. The soldiers started to shoot the floor and ceiling trying to calm the students down. Once the room settled down again Kitano continued his little speech.
Time finally came when the game was to official begin. Kitano randomly withdrew a number out of a hat to see which number will be first called out to leave the school and go out into the open island were the terror awaits. As Kitano pulled out his hand he read the number, “Number 11, male student number 11. That would be you Kishi Yoshii, wouldn’t it?”

[1 student down 39 Remaining]
their own friend.

Misaki version cont... [21 Oct 2004|02:26pm]

Misaki Tama (female student number 20) slowly opened her eyes. She looked around the room and noticed the rest of her classmates still laid in a peaceful slumber. Misaki didn’t know where she was or why she was there. Her first initial thought was to leave. As she was just about to get out of her seat, few of her other classmates started to awake. Misaki didn’t notice right away, but apparently she and the rest of the class were wearing metal collars around their throats. The cold steel that pressed against her skin made her feel as if she was suffocating. Her fingers dug around the collar trying to release the tight clinch it contained. Yet it was hopeless.

Not knowing what to do. Misaki just sat quietly in her seat watching the others slowly awaken and converse with each other. Misaki felt alone once again. Each one of her classmates ran to at least one other person asking if they were okay. But no one even attempted to come to her. Her own sister Ami Tama (female student number 19) was surrounded once again by her friends Ruri Akiyoshi (female student number 6) Kimi Kita (female student number 1) and even Maru Ito (female student number 2). Misaki watched her sister smile and laugh with her friends. This made Misaki sick to her stomach. “How could she be smiling? How could you she make the other girls smile and laugh? Why would anyone smile right now?”

Sick of looking at her sister, Misaki turned her head to the other side of the room. Here she noticed Jun Izumi (female student number 16) the only student out of the bunch that looked terrified from head to toe. Somehow it appeared as if she knew what was going on. Then she noticed Yoshio Ohki (male student number 10) having Kioko Hana (female student number 7) head rest gently on his lap. The two of them just stared into each other’s eyes while Motoko Lee (female student number 10) stood near by with a sinister look on her face. Misaki was jealous at Kioko at first. Only one time had Misaki had a true relationship with a guy. His name was Daichi Tama. He had the same last name as her, but no relations. Daichi was the only boy that Miaski believed truly loved her. Watching Kioko with Yoshio made her think of herself and Daichi. But her and Daichi didn’t last. He left her. He left her for her fucking sister! After that Misaki swore to never let anyone get close to her again. Yet, watching Yoshio and Kioko made her wonder why that is. Misaki soon remembered how Kioko never had a boyfriend let alone a boy that was her true friend. Soon her jealous faded and she became happy for Kioko. “Kioko’s so sweet. She deserves only the very best and she would be such a great friend." Misaki continued in thought "I hate being alone. Why am I always alone? No, no longer will I be without friends.” Misaki didn’t want to be friendless and alone anymore. Watching everyone talking, everyone having someone made Misaki realize that she needed someone too. It’s not good to be always be by yourself. You have to learn to trust people sometimes.

Just as Misaki was getting up out of the desk to walk over to Kioko, a small man came bargain into the classroom. If only Misaki made it to Kioko before they found out what lies ahead for them.
If only...
2 shot their own friend.

Ryutaro's version cont... [21 Oct 2004|12:16pm]

The moaning sound of the classmates waking up echoed through out the room. Ryutaro Sasaki (male student number 17) quickly opened his eyes scoping out his premise. Most of the students were lying on a cold cement floor while others sat neatly in classroom desks. A cold metal collar was fit tightly around each students neck. Ryutaro rose himself up and immediately noticed Rei Emi (female student number 8) and Arata Kyu (male student number 3) already awake walking over to Asa Yosano (female student number 9) and Yoko Tankanki (female student number3). He wanted to be near both Rei and Arata as soon as possible. Losing the only two friends he had would be death in itself. Asa and Yoko were both now fully awake after being patted nicely by Rei and Arata. They both had fear and puzzled looks on their faces as did all the students. Ryutaro, being the gentleman that he is, stuck out his hand for Asa and Yoko to help them up from the cold floor. Asa and Yoko were shocked by this kind gesture. They hardly knew Ryutaro, but they always assumed that he would push them down on the floor rather than help them up from one. “Thank you Sasaki.” Asa said while expressing a warm smile.

No one spoke for a few moments after that. Each one of the students appeared to go into their own worlds. Ryutaro’s mind was swarming with thoughts as he continued to look around the room, “Where the fuck are we? How come I have this damn collar on my neck? I wish I was home right now. I could be in my warm bed or outside playing with my brothers. Why the hell does Kishi Yoshii keep looking at me as though he wants to hurt me?”
“Are you alright Ryutaro?” Rei whispered into Ryutaro’s ear. Rei had a look of concern. Her arm was now around Ryutaro’s waist. Her sweet smell rose up into Ryutaro’s nose.
“I’m alright now.”
“Good, because when your doing well I’m doing well. Gawd where the hell are we?”
Arata, Asa, and Yoko now came back over to both Ryutaro and Rei.
“You look like a cute couple.” Yoko said. Asa agreed. Blood rushed to Ryutaro’s head. Even threw Ryutaro’s tan skin you could see his cheeks turning red. Ryutaro was just about to reply when the front door the room slammed open. Out came a short little ugly man. With him were four soldiers in camouflage uniforms. None of the students spoke. The room went dead silent. The silence was broken when the short man spoke in a way that made is voice sound babyish. “ Wake up sleepyheads. It’s time to begin.”
their own friend.

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