Jonathan R. Anderson (librarygeek77) wrote in rpgbattleroyale,
Jonathan R. Anderson

Ryutaro Sasaki's Version Cont...

Ryutaro Sasaki could barely see anything. It was pitch black outside and the island seemed to not have any electricity. He didn’t want to leave the school building he had to stay and wait for Rei and Arata but Kitano warned them not to stay around the building otherwise they would be shot. He also didn’t want to be attacked by one of his classmates though the thought of one of his classmates attacking someone was absurd to him. But just to be safe Ryutaro decided to start walking. Maybe not too far he thought, but far enough so that he wouldn’t be spotted. “Ha” he thought to himself “Me not being spotted I am the tallest person on this island.” Nevertheless Ryutaro swung the duffle bag over his shoulder and headed towards the dense bushes. He sat down opened up the duffle bag and found a flashlight. He turned the flashlight on but only inside his bag. He didn’t want to attract any unwanted company. Inside the bag he found some food and water a map and what appeared to be his random weapon, an ice pick.

He was sitting there wondering if he was ever going to use the ice pick when he noticed the next student coming out from the school building. He couldn’t see her too well, but he was sure it was Female student number 18 which he didn’t know her name. Didn’t care to. No one even talked to him except for Rei and Arata who he was wishing were the ones stepping out of the building instead. Female Student Number 18 immediately opened her bag the minute she stepped foot onto the grass. Ryutaro was watching her carefully. She then appeared to be holding something in her hand. He couldn’t see it too well, but then with a shake of her hand he caught a glimmer of it. It was handgun. Female Student Number 18 was apparently getting ready to shoot the next student that walked threw that door. “What the fuck?!” Ryutaro thought to himself. He had to control himself from not accidentally saying it out loud. The only thing he knew was that he didn’t want any innocent lives being killed. He couldn’t just sit there and watch her slaughter someone.

He had to do something. He had to draw her attention away from the building and onto him. But how could he do that without being killed himself? A rock was lying by his foot. He had a very strong arm and good aim. He decided he was going to try and knock Female 18 unconscious. He felt bad for even thinking of this, but he had to stop her. He grabbed the rock from the ground and threw it with his entire mite at Female 18. Unfortunately it didn’t hit her. He just missed her and hit side of the school building instead. “FUCK!” Not only did he not hit her but now he was noticed as well. Female 18 wasted no time she aimed her gun in Ryutaro’s direction and fired. Ryutaro had no time to think or wait for Rei and Arata anymore he had to get the hell out of there. He ran as fast as he could. Female 18 decided to give up on the school building and to start chasing whoever threw the rock at her instead. Ryutaro ran for what felt like forever all the time hearing in the background gun shots and sticks and leaves being ran threw and then finally a loud thump. Ryutaro didn’t look back he just kept running. Female 18 on the other hand tripped over a tree stump and fell face first onto the wet earth. She appered to be unconscious now. Ryutaro was lucky at beating death and saving others lives this time, but will he be so lucky again?
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