Jonathan R. Anderson (librarygeek77) wrote in rpgbattleroyale,
Jonathan R. Anderson

Ryutaro's version cont...

The moaning sound of the classmates waking up echoed through out the room. Ryutaro Sasaki (male student number 17) quickly opened his eyes scoping out his premise. Most of the students were lying on a cold cement floor while others sat neatly in classroom desks. A cold metal collar was fit tightly around each students neck. Ryutaro rose himself up and immediately noticed Rei Emi (female student number 8) and Arata Kyu (male student number 3) already awake walking over to Asa Yosano (female student number 9) and Yoko Tankanki (female student number3). He wanted to be near both Rei and Arata as soon as possible. Losing the only two friends he had would be death in itself. Asa and Yoko were both now fully awake after being patted nicely by Rei and Arata. They both had fear and puzzled looks on their faces as did all the students. Ryutaro, being the gentleman that he is, stuck out his hand for Asa and Yoko to help them up from the cold floor. Asa and Yoko were shocked by this kind gesture. They hardly knew Ryutaro, but they always assumed that he would push them down on the floor rather than help them up from one. “Thank you Sasaki.” Asa said while expressing a warm smile.

No one spoke for a few moments after that. Each one of the students appeared to go into their own worlds. Ryutaro’s mind was swarming with thoughts as he continued to look around the room, “Where the fuck are we? How come I have this damn collar on my neck? I wish I was home right now. I could be in my warm bed or outside playing with my brothers. Why the hell does Kishi Yoshii keep looking at me as though he wants to hurt me?”
“Are you alright Ryutaro?” Rei whispered into Ryutaro’s ear. Rei had a look of concern. Her arm was now around Ryutaro’s waist. Her sweet smell rose up into Ryutaro’s nose.
“I’m alright now.”
“Good, because when your doing well I’m doing well. Gawd where the hell are we?”
Arata, Asa, and Yoko now came back over to both Ryutaro and Rei.
“You look like a cute couple.” Yoko said. Asa agreed. Blood rushed to Ryutaro’s head. Even threw Ryutaro’s tan skin you could see his cheeks turning red. Ryutaro was just about to reply when the front door the room slammed open. Out came a short little ugly man. With him were four soldiers in camouflage uniforms. None of the students spoke. The room went dead silent. The silence was broken when the short man spoke in a way that made is voice sound babyish. “ Wake up sleepyheads. It’s time to begin.”
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