Jonathan R. Anderson (librarygeek77) wrote in rpgbattleroyale,
Jonathan R. Anderson

Kishi's version cont....

The eyes of all the students widen the minute the door came flying open. A short stubby man walked into the classroom followed by four soldiers. Kishi’s first initial thought was, “What kind of show is this?” Then he noticed the four soldiers carrying guns. The guns didn’t frighten Kishi. He was use to them. His father collected all sorts of guns and a few times Kishi had been face first at gun point plenty of times by the druggies he would deliver the drugs to for his father. But the thing that frightened and sickened him to an extent was the way the short little man held his own gun almost in a way of being aroused by it.
“I’m Kinpatsu Kitano your new instructor.” The little man spoke, “I do hope you all slept well. I would so hate for any of you to be tired. It would be terrible if you couldn’t keep up with the game.”
“What game?!” Kimi Kita (female student number 1) demanded.
“Ah my dear class president Kimi Kita thank you for asking.”

The rules of the game were soon explained. Kishi Yoshii the whole time being explained what lay before him and the rest of the class made him feel sick to his stomach. By looking around the room he could see tears balling up inside a few of the classmates eyes. He then noticed Naoto Ozawa (male student number 7) who couldn’t notice Naoto? Naoto had his arms around his legs and rested his head on his knees rocking back and forth on the floor. He hummed loudly to himself, “HMMMM HMMMM Hush my child HMMMM HMMMM You’ll be fine.” Kitano’s face went from big evil smile to a big evil frown, “NO HUMMING WHILE THE INSTRUCTOR IS SPEAKING!” Shouted Kitano as he raised his pistol and fired straight at Naoto’s head. The bullet struck Naoto’s left eye. The back half of Naoto’s head was torn splattering blood and flesh on a few students, including Kioko Hana (female student number 7) and Yoshio Ohki (male student number 10) that were behind him. The students started screaming in terror. Running around like chickens that just lost their heads. The soldiers started to shoot the floor and ceiling trying to calm the students down. Once the room settled down again Kitano continued his little speech.
Time finally came when the game was to official begin. Kitano randomly withdrew a number out of a hat to see which number will be first called out to leave the school and go out into the open island were the terror awaits. As Kitano pulled out his hand he read the number, “Number 11, male student number 11. That would be you Kishi Yoshii, wouldn’t it?”

[1 student down 39 Remaining]
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