Saki Hanajima (kagomexmiko) wrote in rpgbattleroyale,
Saki Hanajima

Aya Mitsukai (Female Student Number 11) sat in the back of the class room quietly. Her eyes shot around but they were seemingly calm. She didn’t know what was going on, but she figured there was no point in worrying about something she was sure someone would explain. And they had. She didn’t quiet understand what was going on, but the more he explained the less she liked her new situation. After the rules had been explained and she heard the humming from Naoto Ozawa (male student number 7) and she didn’t even have to blink as Kitano shot and killed him. She was back far enough however to miss being splattered with all the blood.

When the students had started running around and the soldiers started shooting. A new look that she had never shown since coming to the school came across her face, Fear. And even though she didn’t take part in the running around she was scared. The students settled down and she did her best to go back to her usual expression she wore, which wasn’t sadness, but not happiness either.

Aya couldn’t help but hold her breath as she watched Kitano drew the number. When the number 11 was announced Aya’s heart skipped a beat. Her number had been called…well her number and Kishi Yoshii’s number. She however kept her expression the same and she sat back with her arms crossed. If Kishi was first, then that meant that she would be after him…only a short wait, then the terror for her will really begin.

As she sat there she could feel her heart beating, and though on the outside she seemed to be a bit indifferent about the entire situation, on the inside she was scared. She could feel herself begin to get nervous. First she got a turning stomach and then she could feel her adrenaline pumping. She took a few quiet deep breaths to calm her down, though it didn’t work it kept her from looking scared. She shot a glanced over at Kishi out of the corner of her eye, because she couldn’t help but be curious as to what his reaction would be.
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