Jonathan R. Anderson (librarygeek77) wrote in rpgbattleroyale,
Jonathan R. Anderson

Misaki's Version Cont....

Misaki was shacking all over once she noticed what had just taken place. Naoto Ozawa’s (male student number7) body twitched for a little while and then laid still as blood oozed from his head. Kioko Hana (female student number 7) was lying in the lap of Yoshio Ohki (male student number 10) now covered with Naoto’s blood.

Finally it came time for the numbers to be drawn. No one spoke. Everyone’s eyes were either on Kitano or Naoto’s body. Misaki herself couldn’t help but stare at Naoto. This poor boy: the pitcher for the schools baseball team. One who always got the girls. Now here he was dead. And poor Kioko the blood on her face would have already dried by now, if it weren’t for the tears that rain down her face.

“Male student number 11.” Was announced. Shivers came down Misaki’s spine once she heard the first student called. Yet, also a sign of relief came to her. Since number 11 was called, Misaki which is number 20, will not be the last one called. Makoto Lee (female student number 10) and Yoshio Ohki (male student number 10) will be the last to leave now.

Misaki watched as Kishi got up, was given a big green bag, and ran out the door. Shortly after Aya Mitsukai walked slowly over grabbed her own green bag. Not one sign of emotion was giving off from her face. Misaki was taken back from this. “Is Aya going to play the game?” thought Misaki.

The list went down. Each student got up and left the room. Ryutaro Sasaki (male student number 17) was called. He appeared to be very upset that he was leaving his friends. Students 18 were soon called. Then came 19. Kyoichi Kanai (male student number 19) ran out of the door as fast as he could. Then female student number 19 was called, Ami Tama, Misaki’s sister. Misaki watched as her sisters got up very slowly. She looked terrified. Her whole body was shaking. When the bag was thrown to her, she dropped it, picked it back up and ran out the door.

Now it was soon Misaki’s turn to leave. Male Student Number 20; Ryoko Ogawa was called. He got up, got his stuff, and ran. Finally it was Misaki’s turn to do the same. She slipped out from behind the student desk. Her tall slender body felt weak as she walked over to the solider who was handing out the bag. She turned around to get one last look at her fellow classmates. Grabbed her bag and left threw the dark hallway out of the building. “What am I going to do?” Misaki wondered as she walked into the game of life…
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