Jonathan R. Anderson (librarygeek77) wrote in rpgbattleroyale,
Jonathan R. Anderson

Ryutaro's Version Cont...

Ryutaro Sasaki (male student number 17) had already witnessed twelve of his classmates leave. Now it was his turn. Ryutaro didn’t want to leave. Not really because of the game, but because he didn’t want to leave both Rei and Arata.
Arata was male student number 3 and Rei was female student number 8 which meant it would be a while until she was to start the “game.”

Yet, Ryutaro had no choice he had to leave his two friends. He wouldn’t leave though until he made sure he told Rei and Arata where to meet him. With one last good bye Ryutaro stood up walked over to claim his bag and headed out into the cold eerie island…
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