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Aya's vision

Aya Mitsukai (Female Student Number 11) got up shortly after Kishi. She didn’t even give the class a second glance as she left the classroom and headed down the hall towards the entrance of the school. She kept her walk at her normal pace to try and hide that she was scared. Her face even more emotionless then usual. It didn’t occur to her that this might actually scare people. She was concentrating on not showing the fear she felt. As soon as she saw the door of the school she took off at a run no longer holding back the emotion from her face. A single tear rolled down her face, something which had not happened since her parent’s death, but she wouldnt let more then that one. ‘So this is real…and it really has begun…I won’t ever see my parents again...”

She ran right out the door at top speed, which thanks to all her Karate training and what not, was pretty fast. It was still dark outside and as she looked at her watch while running she say that it was only a little after mid night. She headed north, she had only glanced at the map for a split second, but by the looks of it if she headed north she would be as far as possible from the school….as well as from everyone else. Her destination was the cliffs, which was shown on the map, but for all she knew she could have been heading a little too far west, and end up somewhere else.

She didn’t even look behind her. She held tight to her green bag and her school bag which she brought with her. She knew there was a weapon inside the green bag, but as far as she was concerned the weapon would never be used.

While she continued running she knew more of the students had been let out into the game by now and if she was too stop running she would risk getting caught by one…’Can I trust any of them?’ Was the only question that went through her head. She shook her head a little. ‘No...’ She could feel herself growing tired, yet she kept on running not looking at the map or the watch, or behind her and no matter how tired she grew she just kept on running in the direction she was going.
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