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Kioko was in shock from what just happened. Naoto had just been shot, right in front of her! She now had his blood and pieces of his brains all over her face and clothes. She looked up at Yoshio, who also had it on his face. He was wiping his cheeks with his sleeves, trying in vain to get it all off, but only smearing it. He had a startled expression on his face.

Kioko began to cry. The tears steaming down her face made the blood unable to dry. She sat up and stared down at Naoto’s body. He was so athletic, and so lively…now his blood was all over her!

She listened as the students were being called. She was close to the end, as eleven was chosen first. She watched each and every student go out the door. Although she watched them, it’s almost as if she didn’t see them. She was so busy with her own thoughts, her fears. Everything. Suddenly-

“Female student number 7, Kioko Hana!” A harsh voice pierced through her thoughts like shards of glass. Slowly she began to get up. Suddenly she felt someone pull at her arm. “Wait for me near the entrance.” Yoshio whispered. She nodded, and was on her way.

A green bag was thrown coldly at her. She ran outside, without even realizing she was running. She decided to wait for Mikoto and Yoshio near the door. As she approached the door, she looked out, and noticed there was moonlight shining down on the ground. It was such a beautiful evening!

Suddenly, a thought occurred to her as she stepped outside. She was near the end of the list to be called. What if there was someone out there killing everyone as they walked outside? It was too late for her to run back inside and wait. She got up against the wall, looking for any signs of anything threatening. She was very self aware, and felt as if she stood out in the night like a sore thumb. She felt as if everyone could see her, and as though she were being watched. That was silly though. The only light was the moonlight, and she was hidden in the shadow of the building. Although she was doing her best to be quiet, the sound of her breathing would surely give her away! Was she really breathing as loud as she thought she was? Or was it her paranoia? She had to get these thoughts out of her head right now.

Finally she heard someone stir from inside the building. It was male student number 8, Hatori Tanaka. His thin silhouette was sneaking in almost complete silence once he stepped outside. She was watching him carefully, hoping he didn’t notice her.

As Hatori walked quietly along, Kioko noticed something stirring from the bushes to his side. Before she could think about it, Male student number 13 Yoji Kitamura jumped out from behind them and pounced on Hatori! All Kioko could make out were two blurry shadows struggling. She was at a loss for what to do. Should she try and split them up? She didn’t know. All she could do was hide. She felt like such a coward, crouching in the shadows.

Finally she heard one of them cry out in pain. She couldn’t quite make out who it was, but one of them was standing over the other one, in clear victory. She must have made some sort of noise, because the victor suddenly became very paranoid and ran away. When she felt certain he was gone, she emerged from the shadow, and ran over to the body lying on the ground. She gazed at it, and saw that it was Hatori. Was he dead? He didn’t look like he was. He looked like he was sleeping. She put her hand on his neck to feel his pulse, and could make out a faint heartbeat. He was alive!

She saw that he had a deep knife wound in his stomach. This wasn’t good. She thought to herself about a way to get him out of this area, but before she could college her thoughts, she heard another rustling from the bushes, she looked up just in time to see Yoji spring from his hiding spot, with a dagger in his hand. She had no time to react, by the time she realized what was happening, Yoji was on the ground. The only thing she thought to do when she saw him coming was to crouch with her hands over her head. When a few seconds had gone by, she peeked up, and saw that Yoshio had intercepted, and managed to shove Yoji to the ground, and knock him unconscious.

“What…happened?” Was all she could get out, but Yoshio ignored the question, and took Kioko’s arm. “Wait!…I have to wait for Makoto!”

“Okay, fine.” He said. He looked down at Hatori, and the blood gushing from his stomach. “He’s not looking good.” He reached down to take his pulse, “He’s dead….”

She looked down at his face. She felt so guilty, because she didn’t do anything to help him. Did he die because of her? What could she have done? How was she to know who was to be trusted?…None of these questions made her feel any better.

Yoshio must have been able to tell how she felt, because he just put his hand on her shoulder. “There’s nothing you could have done.” He said gently.

Finally, they heard Makoto come out of the building. She still seemed very strange. She eyed them very cautiously…Yoshio didn’t seem to notice though, because as soon as he saw her, said, “Come on! We’ve got to go now!”
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