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Aya's vision

Aya Mitsukai (Female Student Number 11) The sky had begun to get lighter and Aya still had not stopped running. She was determined to reach the north shore before she rested. She knew by now all the students had been let out of the school and the game really had begun…for her at least. She knew she couldn’t trust anyone and even if she and everyone else refused to play the game, they would never trust her. Her options were limited, only thing she was thinking about doing right now was getting away from everyone so she could figure out a better plan.

She was getting very tired now and she could feel herself slowing down a great deal. She looked at her watch and it read four thirty. She had been on for about 4 hours now and she was relieved when she finally reached the edge of the cliff. She couldn’t see beyond it, but she could hear the ocean and so she knew she was at the north end of the island now. She walked back from the edge about 10 feet and plopped down on the ground and laid back looking up at the sky. She was really tired by now, but she was so scared about this whole thing she didn’t dare sleep. So instead she started thinking of what she should do.

She looked over at the two bags next to her and opened up the green bag she had been given. She felt around for the flash light and used it for a minute while she looked around inside the green bag. Inside she had found a shotgun along with food and water inside. “A shotgun…great…” She said dully as she turned off the flashlight and placed it back in the green bag. She then grabbed her school bag and opened it. The contents were exactly what she had packed before she left thinking she was going on the school trip. She pulled out some of the clothes in the bag and refolded them before she placed the in the green bag. “No point in having two bags.” She finished moving all her clothes to the green bag and then started removing the other things from it. She pulled out three books and looked down at the covers of them. She couldn’t see the book covers in the dark, but she knew what they were. One had Japanese writing across the top, and the other two were written in English. She placed these two in the bag and then continued moving things into the green bag until everything was now in the green bag and the school bag was empty.

Aya stood up and walked over to the edge and threw the empty school bag off of it and stood there staring out at the dark ocean debating with herself whether or not to just throw the shotgun off the cliff as well. As she stood looking over the water her expression stayed the same, confused and scared…but she was alert listening for anyone that might be approaching. “This game…it is going to bring out the worst in people.” She said.
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