Chelsea (disco___vietnam) wrote in rpgbattleroyale,

Yoko Takanaki (student #??? yes, she forgot her number already...) left the building with her knapsack. Her knapsack did not contain her Hello Kitty keychains, her Led Zeppelin cd, or her siamese cat. Alas, life was now not worth living. She took out her standard issue narcotics and was about to overdose herself to death when all of a sudden the night sky parted and a bright vision formed in the clouds. She put down her bottle of assorted pills and watched as a green light beam surrounded her and her stupid knapsack. Finally... the aliens had come to take her home.

"Darth Vader... is that you?"
"Yes, Yoko, I too am your father."
"And Luke..."
"Yes Yoko, he is your..."
"Oh, heck yes!"

Yoko's eyes brimmed with tears of joy, for her fate was not to perish on this desolate island with cute japanese boys or violent slutty girls... it was too be part of "the force." Yoko was teleported that night out of Japan and into the StarShip Enterprise.

Wicked awesome. Yoko got abducted by aliens.

Student #(???), missing in action.
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