Jonathan R. Anderson (librarygeek77) wrote in rpgbattleroyale,
Jonathan R. Anderson

Kishi's version cont...

Kishi didn’t care anymore. He was getting as far away from the school as he could. But he decided to head south instead of north. He was sure that most students would run forward instead of turning around to run the other way. Right now he didn’t know what to do, but he knew well enough that he didn’t want to run into anyone from his class except for Asa and chances of him meeting her before anyone else was slim. Kishi ran while trying not to trip by holding on to his large duffle bag around his back. The big green bag was almost as heavy as him. As he ran thoughts of Asa ran threw his mind. “Asa will be okay. As long as she’s with Yoko and far away from Ryutaro; Asa should be fine.”

After running for sometime Kishi needed to catch his breath. He laid the duffle bag on the cold wet ground and leaned up against a large building. Kishi didn’t notice it while he was running, but apparently he ran to what appeared to look like some kind of farm. His back was actually against an old barn. “Perfect hiding place for the time being.” Gasped Kishi. He took out his map from inside the duffle bag and also the flash light that was given. It was very dark outside. Kishi looked down at the map to see what zone he was in. If he was going to win this game he had to be sure he wasn’t going to be in a forbidden zone once that sicko Kitano announced them. “Okay okay where am I…hmmm…I’m by a barn. I ran south so I should be…what the…I’m only in zone H7! That’s only one zone down from the school. Damn I’m a slow runner.” Kishi didn’t know what to do. He was sure since he was the smallest kid in the class that he would at least then be a fast runner, but apparently not. “I’m doomed.” He didn’t know what he was going to do now. He didn’t really want to play the game. He was sure he could just run away from everyone. “I might at well see what weapon I have.” He reached his hand in the duffle bag. His hand felt something cold. He gripped onto it pulled it out and was stunned to see what he was so lucky to receive. A colt 45. pistol.

“I may not be out of the game so quickly after all.”
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