aimer714 (aimer714) wrote in rpgbattleroyale,

Jun felt sick to her stomach. 2 people had already died. maybe more. She knew there had to be some way out of this. She was not a killer. Not that she could do much with her weapon anyways, she thought as she held the binoculars in her hand. She hated the government for this. She had stayed near the school until the area had been announced forbidden. She had figured everyone would get as far away as possible. Now she wasn't sure where she was. She sat by a tree trying to gather her thoughts. Was there anyone she could find that she could trust? She didn't really have any enemies at school, but she didn't really have any close friends either. She regretted not being more involved. Now she didn't know who she could trust. She decided that it might be a safe idea to get further away from the school as she was just barely out of the forbidden zone. Jun, as she walked ahead spotted something up ahead. Her binoculars must be good for something she thought. She pulled them out and looked up ahead. It was a barn! Should she check it out? It might be the ideal place to hide. She was sure everyone else was far away from here by now...... She proceeded to the barn.....
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